How to remove spots on the face?

The spots on the face, especially as the years go by, are common when spring arrives, and become more acute in summer with the increase in the intensity of UV rays. They are produced by the increase

localization of the pigment called melanin: the cells that produce the pigment produce an excess of pigment in a specific point instead of evenly over the entire surface of the face due to the incidence of UV rays on our skin. It is not an increase in melanin-producing cells, but rather an increase in the pigment they produce.

As the spots on the skin appear and gradually darken, we often do not realize it until our face is full, so a skin repair treatment is in order. these stains They can be deleted , but you have to do it correctly, doing a initial skin diagnosis in a specialist in skin treatments who told us how to remove blemishes from the face, following a series of steps that we will list below.

Step 1: Preventive Treatment

The first thing to do to remove spots on the face is, as we have said, to diagnose the skin, to detect how dehydrated it is and what treatment must be carried out. In many cases, skin hygiene with an ultra-moisturizing mask will be necessary to begin with, and then a professional will tell us which products to use to prevent the appearance of more spots or darkening of the ones we already have.

You have to use this type of treatment even if you are not exposed to the sun , since any UV rays from the sun, whether it enters through the windows, bounces off the water or concrete or passes through the clouds, darkens the spots on the skin and makes us break out new ones. . Only the parts of the body covered by clothing do not need to be protected. That is why the product we use must mitigate UV rays and, if possible, must simultaneously use the benign effects of sunlight to positively reinforce the health of the skin, acting directly on the cells.

Obviously it is important not to expose yourself to the sun during the midday hours when it is hottest, avoid direct sun whenever possible, wear hats and sunglasses. Always keep in mind that UV rays cause stains.

antioxidant diet

Important: remember that one antioxidant-rich diet It helps to prevent skin aging. Some of the foods with the highest antioxidants are legumes such as beans and fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums and apples.

Step 2: Anti-blemish treatment

Once we have made sure that our skin is being treated to prevent the appearance of more blemishes and the darkening of the existing ones, we must undertake a lightening routine to remove the blemishes on the face.

This routine will include a series of steps similar to those of normal facial hygiene, which we describe in the previous post . We detail them below:

    • A) Application of exfoliating products that eliminate the concentration of pigment in specific points of the skin.

      The exfoliation of the skin allows fade spots on the skin because melanin is naturally transmitted from living cells to dead cells, and this step is aimed at eliminating dead cells.

      Important: Exfoliating the skin is not just about rubbing a sponge or rough substance against the skin. This physical exfoliation must be accompanied by a “chemical” exfoliation , with appropriate products that, for example, contain enzymes that help to better and evenly remove the outer layer of dead skin -as if we were removing the “glue” that holds the dead cells together with the living cells-, and therefore to remove the size and thickness of the spots .
    • B) Application of products that help lighten the skin and inhibit the production of pigments to help prevent future darkening of spots.

      After exfoliating the skin, it is necessary to apply products with a high concentration of active ingredients (hydroquinone, retinoids, etc.) that help disconnect the biochemical steps of melanin production, lightening the skin and enhancing its natural glow.

      One of the most interesting ingredients that a product with these characteristics can contain is the vitamin C. A product with high concentrations of this nutrient can help decrease pigment production and reduce dark spots. It is a mild effect in the medium term, but it also has other anti-aging benefits, such as the ability to stimulate the generation of collagen, very beneficial for mitigating wrinkles. It also has an antioxidant effect that protects the skin from attacks caused by free radicals.

    • C) Application of products that mitigate the negative effects of the sun's rays.

      Removing blemishes from the face is a long-distance race that must be run all year round. Although in winter UV rays are weaker, as we have said, as long as there is a single UV ray that can impact our skin, there is a possibility that we will get spots or darken those we already have.

      Every day in the morning we must apply a specific solar treatment that does not act as a barrier against the sun, but rather moderate the incidence of UV rays and take advantage of the positive effects of sunlight on the skin at the cellular level.

Step 3: Special treatments to help remove stubborn skin blemishes (that are not removed by the previous steps).

Although an anti-stain treatment should always include the above procedures, which act in the medium term, there are cabin treatments that complement them to help remove the most stubborn stains, from the simplest to the most technologically advanced. Here we name two of them.


This is a highly recommended cabin treatment that consists of Controlled exfoliation of the skin to remove more dead cells , such as hidden dust that cannot be seen with the naked eye after cleansing.

Microdermabrasion is performed using salt crystals, aluminum sand, or a diamond-surfaced wand. The result is instantly brighter and more rejuvenated skin. It is more effective if it is done regularly, every month or at most every two months, and is combined with maintenance at home with specific products for our specific problem.

pulsed light laser

These are effective treatments that allow focus the laser on specific points on the skin where there is no way to remove stains. This is an extreme measure, since it leaves controlled wounds on the skin and can eliminate living cells. It must be carried out by a qualified professional.

Effective products to treat skin blemishes

An adequate treatment to remove skin blemishes involves the application of high-quality products that specifically address each objective. However, having to use a specific product for each objective discourages consistency, and therefore the effectiveness of the process. If, for example, we must use a cream to lighten the skin and inhibit the production of pigments, and another to mitigate UV rays and help the skin assimilate the positive effects of the sun, we may get tired of so much “potting”. Even more if we must use even more products to prevent wrinkles, etc.

For this reason the brand Institut Esthederm to treat blemishes and the uneven assimilation of nutrients in the skin, it is so widely accepted in beauty salons and users (remember that Esthederm can only be purchased in specialized centers, which guarantee its effectiveness).

Sunbathing treating blemishes and skin aging at the same time

Among the repairing products that help to eliminate blemishes and prevent wrinkles, such as the luminosity and anti-aging moisturizing cream or concentrated serum, the intensive cream with vitamin C is one of the most effective, all of them from the “White System” range. As we have seen, vitamin C has anti-pigmentation, anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

However, one of Esthederm's star anti-stain products is the one that allows you to sunbathe while mitigating dark spots and aging: the Photo Reg . This product allows exposure to the sun, attenuating existing spots, reducing the appearance of new ones, reducing the contrast between hyperpigmented areas and tanned skin, and treating wrinkles. In this way it is possible to guarantee soft and uniform tan with total safety .

Like most sun creams, it should be applied 20 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun and renew every 2 hours .

Another interesting product from the High Protection range is the Photo Reverse , which, is the first ultra-high protection anti-stain sunscreen that uses the sun to benefit the skin to help reverse the pigmentation process and gradually lighten it and minimizes the damaging effects of UV radiation.

Important: the incidence of UV rays on the skin is always synonymous with spots. For an even and beautiful tan, it is necessary to combine a good sun treatment such as Esthederm Photo Regul or Photo Reverse and avoid the hours of maximum intensity of the sun.

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