Esthederm Photo Regul: the best ally for a beautiful and safe tan

There are many people who still think that they cannot sunbathe if they have spots . When they go to the beauty salon and you recommend tanning creams, they exclaim: “What? Sunbathe? Me?". And they look at you incredulously, as if to say "What do you want, for me to end up like a Dalmatian?"

That happens especially with mature women who are already resigned to their spots caused by the aging of the skin, which if not treated adequately combats localized pigmentation with difficulty, and pregnant who have brown skin, prone to melasma on the face . They tend to consider it inevitable to smear themselves with creams that act like a mask that prevents any component of sunlight from passing through (even the beneficial ones) and hide behind an umbrella all day.

The positive effects of Photo Regul

However, Esthederm Photo Regul proves that you can enjoy the sun regardless of your skin type, since its revolutionary patented Global Cellular Protection technology optimizes tanning by making pigmentation uniform, limiting the appearance of spots. Yes, just as it sounds: we can tan while treating the spots we already have on our face from before (see also our previous post on how to remove spots on the face).

Esthederm especially works to stimulate mechanisms that prevent skin inflammation, since it is the repeated micro-inflammation of the skin from continued exposure to the sun that causes concentrated hyperpigmentation that causes the spots and then darkens them. In this way, a uniform tanning even having spots previously , making them gradually disappear.

Users who try Esthederm's Photo Regul not only repeat, but are some of the most faithful to a product that we have in the center. From the first day of tanning they notice the difference, and after the holidays they come back delighted assuring that the miracle has worked. “Weeks ago, when I was sunbathing, I looked like I had a mustache,” a pregnant client once told us, smilingly showing us her even tan with virtually no blemishes on her face.

Institut Esthederm guarantee

Institut Esthederm solar products enjoy worldwide prestige, endorsed by thousands of beauty centers that use them in their treatments. They were pioneers in the 70s because they saw the sun as an ally of the skin, not as an enemy against which a barrier had to be placed (which nullifies the good and bad of sunlight, numbing the skin's natural defenses). .

The creators of the Esthederm brand considered the SPF scale (the classic protection factors 15, 20, 50…) a deficient conception of sun treatments , since they only measure the risk of burning at a specific moment and do not conceive the action of the sun in the long term, despite the fact that we are not exposed to the sun on a specific day, but every day in a certain way more or less intense.

That is why they created products that also measure, apart from the harmful effects of UV rays, skin aging, photosensitization, etc. Far from pretending to be an overprotective mask of different thicknesses, Esthederm products stimulate the skin's natural defenses by providing its cells with ingredients that will help them use light to their advantage, mitigating harmful UV rays. These treatments are known as “smart creams”. These creams consider three factors to detect the best treatment:

Factors Institut Esthederm

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  • Objective of sun exposure : whether or not we want to tan.
  • Skin sensitivity to the sun : if the skin is normal or sensitive to the sun, or even intolerant or allergic (must be assessed by a dermatologist).
  • Sun intensity : if the sun is weak (for example in spring or winter) or strong (in the middle of summer), or extreme (in high mountains), or even prohibited if you are intolerant of the sun.

Work the skin at the cellular level

The difference, therefore, between Institut Esthederm's solar products and those of most brands that work with a protection factor is the superficiality with which they treat the incidence of sunlight. While most sun creams act on the surface of the skin, generating an overprotective barrier, Esthederm creams act on the cells under the superficial layer, giving it the necessary nutrients to awaken its natural defenses according to the factors mentioned in the previous section. . Not in vain Esthederm was founded by a pharmaceutical biologist which also created Bioderma.

And not only that, apart from offering specific products according to the objective of sun exposure, the sensitivity of the skin to the sun and the intensity of the sun, Esthederm sun products, while helping the skin to adapt to the sun, they also treat aging, wrinkles, acne, spots, etc. , which means that, incredible as it may seem, we can sunbathe while the skin rejuvenates and recovers its brilliance. With other products it would be unthinkable.

Observing this methodology, we will surely understand that it did not make much sense for a person with dark skin that is not particularly sensitive to the sun, with spots, exposed to the sun in an extreme way, to use the same cream as a light-skinned person who is sensitive to the sun. it is exposed to it in spring. With the classic SPF sun protection factors, it would be logical to think that both of them would use a cream with the highest protection factor, one because she is under the most extreme sun despite not having sensitive skin and the other because she has fair skin prone to burns even with a weaker sun.

However, a qualified beautician will recommend a different product, for example Photo Regul for the first and AdaptaSun Sensitive for the second.

Protection factor VS Esthederm factors

A sun cream with a protection factor will give the same solution to a dark-haired person who is going to be exposed to extreme sun as to a white-skinned person sensitive to the sun who is going to be exposed to weak sun, because it only measures the risk of burn, not the photoaging wave skin sensitivity .

Esthederm patented technologies

All Esthederm sun products contain the patented Global Cellular protection technology, which does not adjust to the known protective factors, but rather optimizes the protection of skin cells and combats photoaging by stimulating its natural defenses.

In addition, the solar products of this brand also incorporate ingredients from their facials to address specific concerns, such as skin blemishes from Photo Regul or Photo Reverse treatment.

Satisfied clients with Photo Regul

As we anticipated at the beginning of the post, all the clients prone to skin blemishes who have had a previous facial diagnosis and Photo Regul has been recommended to them have been delighted and remain faithful to this product for life.

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