Viora Reaction: anti-cellulite treatment

The Cellulite , also called "mattress skin" or "orange peel", affects 98% of women (according to the OCU) and is not always associated with excess weight, as it is also seen in thin people.

That's because it doesn't necessarily have to do with fat, but with a modification of the subcutaneous tissue found in localized areas of the body such as thighs, abdomen, buttocks, knees, and arms, which makes the skin irregular.

STOP Cellulite

During the winter, thick stockings and long pants can save us from cellulite, but in summer the thing changes.

The beach, swimming pool, sun... and the idea of ​​wearing a bikini, swimsuit or shorts... we can get crushed if we are not comfortable with our cellulite. And it is something that has a solution if we take action on the matter months before, and then we are constant for the following year.

The most important thing to start fighting cellulite is to lead a healthy life, that is, a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits, regular exercise and not experiencing weight changes. In addition, today there are many treatments to get rid of cellulite, Although some are more effective than others. An example is Viora reaction , a highly innovative treatment, with many years on the market and with proven results.

Traditional methods to combat cellulite

anti cellulite creams

How many times have we tried, not to eliminate, but to reduce cellulite with anti-cellulite creams, and the result has not been as expected? That's because what most cosmetic treatments do is leave the skin smoother, but they don't completely reduce the appearance of cellulite and require a lot of perseverance. Not in vain are they "cosmetic", that is, they provide a solution that hides the problem, they cannot treat it at its root.

Some creams such as "Extra firming hydrating lotion" and "Multi Target Slimming Creame" from the prestigious cosmetics brand Institut Esthederm They are a good ally to combat cellulite, since they contain ingredients that manage to tighten the skin (if something tightens, the irregularities are less noticeable) temporarily, and if they are applied periodically, they can complement other treatments. In other words: they can help reduce some of your cellulite, but they don't work miracles. Over time, the annoying orange peel may reappear.

Do exercise

Exercise can help sculpt the body, but we must not forget that what must be achieved to reduce cellulite is reduce fat localized in the tissue, in places where it is not uniform, to even it out. When we do exercises, even those that are done specifically on the parts of the body affected by cellulite, we lose fat at the same rate in an entire area, not in specific parts of the tissue, which is why there are thin people with cellulite.

It is precisely this differential treatment of tissue layers which carry out highly effective treatments such as Viora Reaction.

Viora reaction: its benefits against cellulite

The Viora Reaction anti-cellulite treatment combines CORE technology (radio frequency energy) and passive vacuum mobilization of the skin. This innovative technology offers three levels of radiofrequency energy, which can be used individually or simultaneously depending on the needs of each tissue. Thanks to its technology, a greater dermal penetration is carried out, which allows us to reduce the volume of fat cells in places where the skin is more bulky and thus even it out, increase blood circulation and stimulate metabolism.

According to Dr. Reinertson (quoted on the website Seattle Cosmetic SkinCare ) as few as eight treatment sessions are necessary to maximize results, as well as a follow-up session every four to six months for longer-lasting results.


Some of the main advantages of the Viora Reaction treatment are:

  • Cash. It is a treatment that reduces the appearance of cellulite and eliminates localized fat.
  • reliability . The safety and efficacy of the Viora Reaction treatment, which has been on the market for many years, has been demonstrated in clinical trials carried out in various centers. The reduction of more than 2 cm in the abdomen and more than 1.5 cm in the thighs has been evidenced.
  • Flexibility. Viora Reaction allows you to adjust the intensity of the RF, thus changing the depth of penetration, making the Viora Reaction the only multi-frequency RF device on the market, says Dr. Matthew Schulman, a New York plastic surgeon who reviews Viora reaction in this forum . The fact that the radiofrequency intensity can be adjusted allows the treatment to be adapted to the type of cellulite of the patient.
  • Quick and painless. The treatment lasts a mere 30 minutes and people who have tried it say it is completely painless.
  • Rejuvenates the skin. Viora Reaction not only acts against cellulite, but also provides a great improvement in skin texture, especially in sagging and flaccid skin.
  • Immediate results. In just 4 sessions you begin to notice exceptional results.

Viora's Reaction | Barcelona Aesthetic Center

More results obtained in some patients of the Viora Reaction treatments can be consulted on its official website.

Contraindications of Viora Reaction

Viora Reaction is indicated for almost everyone (both women and men) and although there are no side effects and there is no need to rest after the sessions, it must be taken into account that:

  • It is not recommended for pregnant
  • It is not recommended for people with affected skins for vascular damage
  • It cannot be performed on people who have tattoos .

For any questions you can consult your beautician here

Other Viora Reaction treatments

  • ReFit : specific treatment for extreme flaccidity.
  • ReLift : effects of aging and gravity on the skin in delicate areas such as double chins, arms, face and thighs
  • ReVive : non-invasive alternative for lax vulvar tissue, recovery of loss of tone due to childbirth, genetic trauma, age or weight loss.

The culprits of cellulite

Why do I have cellulite? Did he have to touch me? For what is this? These are questions that many (and also some men) ask ourselves when we try to fight against the annoying orange peel.

To know who to blame, we must look at the factors that can cause cellulite. Here we name a few:

  • Lifestyle. Smoking, not playing sports, stress and tension, an unhealthy diet… Our lifestyle can punish us with more irregular skin. Exercise is a good way to activate our circulation, improve our metabolism and eliminate fat. The ideal is to exercise at least 2 or 3 times a week, but if sports are not your thing, you can always do lighter and easier exercises such as walking for 20 minutes, taking the stairs or doing some squats and stretching at home.
  • The vices Diet is essential so that parts of our body such as ankles, arms and thighs do not swell. The consumption of alcohol, coffee, salt, soft drinks and processed fats, such as fried foods, sausages, cured ham... favor fluid retention and poor circulation. If possible, try to reduce or eliminate your intake. But don't be fooled, there is no such thing as a miracle diet.
  • Hormones or genetics . Do I have cellulite because my mother and grandmother have it too? It is possible that yes, but hormones also have a lot to do with it. Higher than normal hormone production can cause or worsen cellulite. Hormonal changes and high levels of estrogen increase localized fat. Puberty, pregnancy and menopause are the three stages of a woman's life, in which more cellulite appears.
  • Garments . Wearing very tight clothing such as pants or dresses decrease blood circulation and increase fluid retention. Choose the right footwear. Don't mistreat your legs with high heels. It is advisable to wear low shoes and drowned garments made of fabrics that help the skin to perspire.

cellulite types

There are three main types of cellulite. It is important to know its characteristics to be able to choose what type of treatments and care are the most suitable for our cellulite.

  • Hard or fibrous cellulite. It is a type of cellulite that originates in adolescence and if it is not eliminated, it remains for a lifetime. It is common in young women who usually practice sports. It is found in the thighs and buttocks (typical cartridge belts). The skin is hard to the touch, difficult to pinch (even if you do it can hurt). Its appearance is like a compact, rough block (often with ridges) and does not change in appearance when moved.
  • Soft or flaccid cellulite. This type of cellulite is more easily detected. It is common in middle-aged women (between 30-40 years) and usually affects more parts of the body such as the stomach, arms and back, sometimes accompanied by varicose veins. The skin is soft to the touch (like a jelly) It moves when walking or changing position, and it increases with age or when gaining weight.
  • Edematous or watery cellulite . This type of cellulite is the least frequent and the most difficult to eliminate. It is related to fluid retention or poor blood circulation. It appears on the thighs and knees, but the most affected area is the legs. The skin is pasty to the touch and even painful. It usually appears in women of all ages, mainly between 20 and 30 years old.
Beauty Nail Concept is an accredited center with the Viora Reaction certification , in accordance with the European cosmetic regulation (CE) n° 1223/2009.

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