Biologique Recherche Connective Tissue Recovery Treatment


A tightening youth cure for sagging skin

Facial connective tissue is a substance found in the skin that helps give it shape and stability. As the years go by, this tissue loses collagen and elastin and this translates into looser and less elastic skin, which together with the reduction in the amount of subcutaneous fat, gives the skin a finer and more transparent appearance. At BNC we offer this ideal recuperative treatment from the age of 25, the age at which this tissue begins to lose elasticity, and for flaccid skin in general.

  • Deep massage with Lait VIP O2
  • Biologique Recherche technique anti-aging massage with Lotion MC 110
  • mask application
  • Serum cocktail application
  • cream application
  • Application of Grand Millesime serum
What does it consist of?
About Biological Research
What does it consist of?

1. Diagnosis of the skin with dermocosmetic analysis

On the first visit, our specialist will give you an exclusive Biologique Recherche skin diagnosis, in which, thanks to different techniques that include visual analysis, a personalized questionnaire and the taking of measurements and images With state-of-the-art analysis instruments, it will determine your exact skin type (and that it can change over time, such as dehydrated skin, acne-prone skin, etc.) to define the treatment protocol that exactly fits your needs.

2. Preparation and balancing of the skin

This phase consists of providing the skin with a barrier against external aggressions such as cold, heat, wind, dryness, humidity, pollution, UV rays, etc., and preparing it using manual techniques to absorb the products that will be applied in the next phase to retain hydration and smooth wrinkles and enhance their action. This rigorous ritual includes:

• Deep massage with Lait VIP O2, to cleanse and massage the skin
• Biologique Recherche anti-aging technical massage with Lotion MC 110, which fills in wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones and fills and tightens the facial oval.

3. Specific anti-aging treatment In this phase, our specialist will apply specific products with a high level of active ingredients to achieve the objective of this treatment: fill in wrinkles and tighten facial skin in general.

• Application of a specific mask for each skin (oily, suffocated, dehydrated, etc.)
• Application of a cocktail of serums, exclusive to Biologique Recherche salons, with a high concentration of revitalizing, energizing and anti-aging vitamins and minerals.
• Application of a specific cream for each skin, since the dense and nourishing texture is due to the presence of more active ingredients that help fight the signs of aging.
• Application of Grand Millesime serum, a youth cure especially for mature skin and those with signs of fatigue. After the cabin treatment, the indications of our skin care technique should be followed at home to prolong its effects.

About Biological Research

Biologique Recherche's exclusive products and methodologies for connective tissue contract and reorganize supporting fibers, reinforcing muscle tone and skin elasticity. The facial oval will look more filled, and you will avoid sagging of the skin.

Biologique Recherche Connective Tissue Recovery Treatment

Biologique Recherche Connective Tissue Recovery Treatment