Purifying Treatment by Biologique Recherche


Cleanse and purify your oily, combination or acne-prone skin

Hormonal changes, pollution, and stress are huge contributors to congestion, acne, and imbalances in our skin. To rebalance and cleanse it in depth, BNC presents this Biologique Recherche treatment that goes far beyond a traditional facial cleansing, with purifying and sebum-regulating action, which cleanses the skin of impurities (comedones, oily spots...) and prevents their reappearance. calming inflammation and accelerating healing.

  • Deep massage with Lait VIP O2
  • Application of Lotion P50
  • Descaling Masque Vivant + Bicarbonate
  • mask application
  • Serum cocktail application
  • Cream + fluid application
What does it consist of?
About Biological Research
What does it consist of?

1. Diagnosis of the skin with dermocosmetic analysis

On the first visit, our specialist will make a skin diagnosis from the unique approach of Biologique Recherche, which consists of a visual analysis, a personalized questionnaire and the study of your skin with state-of-the-art instruments. which will take specific pictures and measurements. In this way, we will identify your specific skin type (and that it can change over time, such as dehydrated, mixed, stressed skin, etc.) to dedicate a rigorous treatment ritual, aimed at treating your exact needs.

2. Preparation and balancing of the skin

This phase consists of providing the skin with a barrier against external aggressions such as cold, heat, wind, dryness, humidity, pollution, UV rays, etc., and preparing it using manual techniques to absorb the products that will be applied in the next phase to cleanse and purify the face in depth and enhance their action. This rigorous ritual includes:

• Deep massage with Lait VIP O2, to cleanse and massage the skin
• Application of Biologique Recherche's emblematic Lotion P50, to prepare the skin (pH balancing, exfoliation, regulation of sebum production, etc.)
• Descaling with the application of Masque Vivant + Bicarbonate, multiple action, to descale, cleanse, purify and balance the skin, unify the tone and also maintain its youth, hydrating and repairing it.

3. Specific purifying treatment

In this phase, our specialist will apply specific products with a high level of active ingredients to achieve the objective of this treatment: to cleanse and purify the skin in depth.
• Application of a mask, depending on the specific skin type (anti-aging, lightening, purifying, etc.)
• Application of a cocktail of serums, exclusive to Biologique Recherche salons, with a high concentration of revitalizing, energizing and anti-aging vitamins and minerals.
• Application of cream + fluid, products necessary to maintain the effects of the treatment as long as possible.

After the cabin treatment, the indications of our skin care technique should be followed at home to prolong its effects.

About Biological Research

Biologique Recherche products and methodology are known for their acclaimed effectiveness in the sector, due to their high concentration of active ingredients and their use of natural ingredients and their unique approach that combines medicine and aesthetics to treat each skin type as something unique.

Purifying Treatment by Biologique Recherche

Purifying Treatment by Biologique Recherche