BodyShock Mesoesthetic: get a perfect silhouette

Sometimes the bull catches us and we arrive at the summer without having removed the extra kilos that we have been accumulating throughout the winter and we do not want to give up look great guy on the beach and the pool. And, although (make no mistake) miracles do not exist, there is an alternative to reshape the figure and reduce the volume: BodyShock Mesoesthetic.

It is a treatment from the prestigious Spanish brand Mesoestetic that allows us to reshape the silhouette of our body in a comprehensive manner in a totally personalized way, adapting to the needs of each person.

BodyShock Mesoestetic acts on 6 specific areas of our body that are prone to flaccidity, cellulite, fat accumulation, etc: legs, breasts, buttocks, abdomen and flanks, double chin and arms . Its main functions are to reduce body fat, repair skin changes caused by changes in weight, cellulite or age, reduce flaccidity and fluid retention, reshape the figure and reduce volume.

A treatment for each part of the body

We are often told that exercising and eating healthy are essential to eliminate cellulite, stretch marks and sagging. However, sometimes it is necessary to complement it with a more specific treatment for each area, since each one has different effects. While the legs tend to retain fluids, the most common problem in the buttocks is cellulite, and in the arms, flaccidity, for example.

To treat it, BodyShock Mesoestetic consists of 2 phases:

  • The first consists of 6 specific massage techniques for each area of ​​the body with 10 cabin sessions with the aim of redefining our silhouette in just 5 weeks (approximately).
  • The second phase consists of the application of BodyShock products to continue with the home treatment. It is important to consult with aesthetic specialists which products best suit your needs and skin type.
  • BodyShock Mesoestetic application areas

    As we have previously commented, one of the many treatment advantages BodyShock Mesoestetic is that it has a specific solution for each type of area of ​​our body. The areas most affected for various reasons (bad diet, tobacco, not drinking enough water, little exercise, etc.) are:

    • Double chin. This area is prone to flaccidity due to excessive exposure to the sun or UV rays. In this case, BodyShock Mesoestetic allows to recover firmness, defines the facial contour and reduces fat and volume.
    • Arms. It is an area where the unattractive and highly visible attribute called "sagging skin" appears. Thanks to BodyShock Mesoestetic we can treat flaccidity and obtain firmer, stronger and more cared-for skin.
    • breasts During hormonal changes, lactation periods or due to age, our breasts lose firmness and may be prone to the appearance of stretch marks or varicose veins, which decrease with this treatment session by session.
    • Abdomen and flanks. As time goes by, these areas lose firmness and elasticity, both on the side and on the front. The treatment allows to gradually recover that elasticity.
    • buttocks . This area is usually very prone to sagging and loss of elasticity and toning. Bodyshock Mesoestetic will bring firmness and toning to our buttocks.
    • Legs. The legs are a part of the body that is very prone to retaining liquids. That is why this treatment, together with walking or playing sports, is ideal for those people who spend many hours on their feet, which accentuate this condition.

    Complement BodyShock Mesoesthetic at home

    To maximize and prolong the results of BodyShock Mesoestetic over time, it is advisable to use the line of complementary cosmetics and nutraceuticals during and after the cabin treatment with the main objective of maintaining efficacy and enhancing the results obtained. Some of the main products to use at home are:

  • BodyShock Push-up. It is a day cream whose function is to stimulate metabolism, firmness and elasticity of the skin, providing luminosity and toning to our body (ideal for breasts and buttocks).
  • BodyShock Local Reducer . It is an ideal cream to reduce localized fat in the areas of the cartridge belt, hips and arms.
  • BodyShock Night Reducer . It consists of a night cream that eliminates localized fat accumulations in the area to be treated (buttocks, abdomen...) and improves lymphatic drainage and circulation.
  • BodyShock Total Reducer. This day cream is ideal for preventing and eliminating fat accumulation in highly targeted areas.
  • 5 Phases of BodyShock Treatment

    The BodyShock Mesoestetic treatment consists of 5 phases and for maximum effectiveness it is recommended to carry out a few 10 sessions (two sessions per week) , focusing on the desired areas and always depending on the needs of each person, with the aim of obtaining fast and effective results. The 5 phases are:

    Phase 1 – Body diagnosis

    This is the main and most important phase. It consists of analyzing the needs of each person in the cabin to later determine the most appropriate type of treatment for each case. At the same time, there will also be a BMI (body mass index calculation) to know what distance separates it from the ideal (between 18 and 25) and the most appropriate treatment will be chosen to achieve it. Once this procedure is finished, the area to be treated is prioritized and a series of analysis of flaccidity and accumulated fat in that part of the body.

    Phase 2 – Cleansing and exfoliation

    This phase marks the beginning of the treatment itself. First of all, the skin of the area to be treated is prepared to be able to apply it: it is thoroughly cleaned and a 10 minute exfoliation . Subsequently, the area is dried with a towel or a damp cloth.

    Phase 3 – Massage

    Next, the mixture of the necessary products is prepared and applied with a massage following the techniques associated with each area to be treated, with an approximate duration of 20 minutes . This is where we can take the opportunity to relax and disconnect for a while.

    Phase 4 – Mask

    Once the massage is finished, a mask is applied that is left to act for another 20 minutes. This product allows to hydrate the skin and gradually eliminate the fluid retention and cellulite of our body and providing firmness and elasticity.

    Phase 5 – Moisturizing cream

    This is the treatment part. It consists of cleaning the area by removing the excess product and applying a moisturizing cream applying a massage until completely absorbed. From that moment we can already enjoy a new skin feeling

    Mesoestetic: a trusted brand

    Mesoestetic is a Spanish brand, leader in the medical cosmetics sector that has a wide range of products that are committed to the highest quality and that achieve the best results by adapting to the needs of the body of each person , with a clearly visible and surprising before and after.

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