Eyelash lift: a perfect look

If you're the type to try hundreds of mascaras and lash curlers to find the combination that gives you the most length and volume and spend a long time applying them, you're a firm candidate for a eyelash lifting.

Among the alternatives to show off long, thick, and curly eyelashes, we have eyelash extensions, which we already talked about in a previous post, and whose fashion is still booming, eyelash perms, and now the increasingly requested eyelash treatment. lifting and lengthening eyelashes upwards, from the roots, highlighting the look without using synthetic hair as with extensions: eyelash lifting.

It is a simple, fast and painless technique that more and more beauty centers such as Beauty Nail Concept include in their treatments.

Common questions about eyelash lifting

Like any new treatment, eyelash lifting can generate any doubts among those who consider trying it: what does 'lifting' mean in the case of eyelashes? hurts? can you damage them? how long does it last? does it really work? What aesthetic difference is there between eyelash lifting and eyelash perming?

  • Hurts? No, if it is done by an accredited professional. At first you may experience some discomfort, when placing an adhesive on the lower lashes so that they do not contact the upper lashes when blinking, but if you have ever done other eyelash treatments, such as extensions, perms or tints, you will find it much more relaxing .
  • Can it damage the eyelashes? By not using artificial hair, eyelash lifting is one of the least aggressive treatments for them. However, the extensions have the advantage of being able to make the eyelashes thicker, by being able to add more volume of eyelashes for each natural one.
  • How long does it last? Regarding the time of the session, the eyelash lifting lasts about 45 minutes, less than other treatments that can last up to 90 minutes due to the thoroughness of its application. Regarding the time between application and application to always show off perfect eyelashes, lifting can last two months, while eyelash extensions must be maintained every 3-4 weeks.
  • What maintenance must be done? None, we can use our usual makeup products for eyelashes and cosmetics, bathe, sleep in any position and much more. You just have to try not to rub your eyes for the first 24 hours after application.
  • Does it really work? The results of the eyelash lift are obvious. Our lashes look longer and pulled up so they frame your eyes much more visibly than mascaras and curlers, and for weeks on end.
  • What's the difference with the eyelash perm ? The eyelash perm uses the same chemical to stretch the eyelashes as the eyelash lift, however it is not indicated for the same type of eyes. By curling the lashes, the perm causes them to lose some length, so it is indicated for long lashes, while the lifting makes the lashes look more lifted (not curved), so it is especially indicated for women with short lashes. , and even more so if they have small eyes, since they will appear larger.
  • How much? Eyelash lifting applied by professionals who are experts in aesthetic eye treatments such as Beauty Nail Concept costs 70 euros , and you only have to repeat it every 2 months. It is ideal for those people who do not want (or cannot) dedicate time to the care that extensions require.

Eyelash lifting is not a direct competitor to other treatments such as extensions and perms, but rather it is for other types of needs. While extensions are ideal for women with few lashes and perming is indicated for curving long lashes, lifting is ideal for women with small eyes and eyelashes , as it provides the effect of raised eyelashes, enlarging the eye.

5 steps in the application of eyelash lifting

Now that we have broken down the answers to the usual questions about the eyelash lift, many of you may have convinced yourself that it is the ideal treatment to forget about mascara (or not, since we can continue using it without problem) for some raised eyelashes and a larger eye effect .

However, it remains to be seen exactly what the eyelash lift consists of. We already know that it doesn't hurt, but... How exactly is it done? We explain it in 5 steps.

Step 1

It is advisable to carry out a skin test with the products used in the session 24 hours before starting the treatment to verify that you do not have any type of allergy. Once verified (if there is no problem) the treatment begins. First of all, the eyelashes, eyelids and eye contour are thoroughly removed so that the entire area where the treatment is to be carried out is as clean as possible.

Step 2

Subsequently, the adhesives are placed on the lower part of the eyelid to protect it during the treatment from the upper eyelashes sticking to the lower ones and in the same step the silicone pads are placed on the upper part that will serve to stretch, lift and shape it. to the eyelashes (even those shorter hairs).

One thing to keep in mind is that if our eyelashes are very short or we have a small amount of hair, this treatment may not be the most appropriate for you and therefore the results may not be what you expected because when using the eyelash itself it is difficult to lengthen it. In this case, perhaps an eyelash extension treatment is a better solution.

Step 3

Next, a chemical with the consistency of glue on the pads and the tabs will be glued one by one on top (on the pads). Contrary to what it may seem, it does not hurt or be uncomfortable (unless we are not used to touching our eyes -to putting on makeup, for example-).

Step 4

When all the tabs are glued on top of the pad, two types of gels . First a gel semi-permanent that allows to lengthen the eyelashes upwards and create an effect of curvature . This gel is left to act for about 15 minutes. Later, two other gels are applied to fix the results. These gels are left again 15 minutes.

step 5

After these 30 minutes (approximately) it is the turn of the dye (optional) that will help to intensify and define the lashes more and create that total black mask effect that most women are looking for. Finally, the pads and adhesives are removed and we will be ready to enjoy your XXL lashes.

How to take care of lengthened eyelashes with a lifting

Even if we carry out treatments to pamper or keep our eyelashes beautiful, it is important to take care of them daily. Eyelashes are very fragile and tend to fall out a lot (it's normal), so it's important to follow a few tips to always keep them long, nourished and strong:

  • Do not abuse mascara or eyelash curler. Using these products on a regular basis and without rest can be harmful to our eyelashes since they weaken them, causing them to fall out and break very easily.
  • It is very important to remove make-up the eyelashes very well if we have previously applied mascara or any other product on the eyes with the help of a cotton pad without rubbing too hard to avoid damaging them. The remains of mascara derived from not investing enough time or care in removing make-up are the main causes of eyelash loss and breakage. Use quality products. When it comes to caring for our eyelashes, it is crucial to choose quality makeup products (a good mascara) to avoid allergies and allow for correct application and effective makeup removal. One option to keep our eyelashes strong and hydrated is to apply some castor or almond oil droplets at night before going to sleep.
  • Avoid the sun. Eyelashes are always affected by UV rays. That is why it is advisable to avoid long exposures to the sun as they make the eyelashes drier and therefore more brittle. One option is to wear sunglasses if we are going to be in the sun for long hours to protect the eyelashes and eyes.
  • Feeding. Diet also plays a very important role in the daily care of eyelashes. It is highly recommended to maintain a balanced diet based on fruits and vegetables to stimulate strong and resistant growth of eyelash hairs.

Beauty Nail Concept: accredited center for eyelash lifting

Although eyelash lifting is not a very complicated treatment and does not require much application time, we must always put our aesthetic eye treatments in the hands of qualified professionals and experts in the beauty and aesthetics sector such as Beauty Nail Concept. We will guarantee the best aesthetic results and for our health.

You can book your eyelash lifting in Barcelona here .