Eyecon Mesoestetic: goodbye to aging in your eyes

The most visible signs of aging appear around the eyes. These signs are accentuated with fluid retention, continuous gesticulation and genetic inheritance, and manifest in the form of bags, dark circles, expression lines, wrinkles and eyelid drooping, among others, and with treatment Global Eye with Mesoestetic , the Mesoestetic company shows that all these signs can be softened and even eliminated and thus recover the expression and show off a younger look.

What is Global Eyecon Mesoestetic?

The Spanish company Mesoestetic, a specialist in the medical cosmetics sector, has developed Global Eyecon as a result of an ambitious investment in research and development as a comprehensive treatment to combat these signs of aging around the eyes .

This area of ​​our skin has differentiated needs, since it is much more delicate and sensitive due to its thin skin (5 times thinner than that of the rest of the face), its concentration of blood capillaries, the tendency to gesticulate and the decrease with age of the lipid layer that gives turgidity and support to the tissues. Mesoestetic Global Eyecon has a specific formulation for this area, which combines a peeling with a transepidermal solution that achieves visible and cumulative results from the first session, as shown by the images provided on their website.

Global Eyecon is, therefore, a solution made with active ingredients specifically developed for this area of ​​the skin, with exceptional skin and eye tolerance to achieve maximum therapeutic efficacy. The periocular treatment protocol established by the brand for this treatment is a program consisting of 6 sessions, alternating 3 periocular peeling sessions with 3 transepidermal sessions .

The steps of the Global Eyecon Mesoestetic treatment

The Eyecon Mesoestetic treatment is a process focused on eliminating those imperfections that arise in the contour of our eyes. But how does it really work? This is a very innovative treatment that consists of 6 sessions: 3 peeling sessions and 3 transepidermal sessions, lasting approximately 20 to 30 minutes. In sessions 1, 3 and 5 the chemical peel that helps to eliminate the signs of age and fatigue and in sessions 2, 4 and 6 the transepidermal solutions (applied with microneedling, that is, with the help of tiny needles that penetrate vertically into the surface of the skin under the eyes to stimulate the body to begin its natural repair process).

The 6 sessions of Global Eyecon Mesoestetic include 3 specific chemical peeling sessions + 3 microneedling sessions

The treatment steps have a common part in the sessions of peeling and transepidermal (the cleaning and preparation part) and a specific part depending on whether it is one type of session or another.

Step 1: cleansing and preparing the skin

To enhance the action of the active principles of the treatment, the first thing that is done is a cleaning to remove the so-called hydrolipidic film of the eye , first cleaning and drying the skin as in any facial hygiene and applying a specific brand solution to remove fat from the area. In this way, the penetration of the peeling products from the subsequent step is facilitated. In addition, in this step the corner of the eye is protected (since it is a delicate area sensitive to acid treatments) with the Mesolips product, which provides a thin protective moisturizing film.

peeling sessions

Step 2: application and removal of the peeling

The Mesoestetic Global Eyecon Periocular Peeling product is distributed evenly, first on the periocular zone (the circle that follows the eye socket), then through the lower eyelid and finally through the upper eyelid. A total of 3 layers of product must be applied, leaving it to act for 3 minutes before removing.

Step 3: neutralization of the peeling

After removing the Global Eyecon Periocular Peeling product, it is necessary to apply a neutralizing spray to rebalance and soothe the skin after a chemical peel, the Post-Peel Neutralizing Spray , formulated with sodium bicarbonate and aloe vera, among others. After a few minutes it is removed (itching or tingling may be felt for a few seconds).

transepidermal sessions

Step 2: Application and removal of the transepidermal solution

The solution is applied by microneeding (small punctures with a syringe vertically at 0.25mm on the skin of the areas to be treated -never on the mobile eyelid- releasing small amounts of solution).

Microneeding is a very effective and safe way to convey medical aesthetic solutions, since they penetrate the skin more easily than topical application and tiny punctures They take a day or two to repair. There is only a slight redness that disappears in 24 hours.

Step 3: Final mask application

It is applied and distributed face mask so that it completely covers the treated area and is left to act on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes.

Tips to take care of the eye contour

As we have already commented previously, the eye contour is one of the most sensitive areas of our skin and our complexion in particular, so it also needs special care at home to enhance the effects of a treatment such as Global Eyecon Mesoestetic, as recommended by the brand itself.

Some recommendations to follow to care for the eye contour while following a specific treatment such as Global Eyecon are:

    • Use suitable products. Your salon professional at your beauty center will tell you which products to use according to your skin type, including day moisturizer with sun protection, night treatment for specific needs, and facial hygiene products (cleansers, toners, and masks).
    • remove make-up It is important to remove make-up from your eyes every night before going to sleep, trying to make it a daily routine. We must avoid using non-specific makeup remover products for each area (eyes, face) because they are usually harmful.

We must use cotton discs gently, or better, the fingertips (they will irritate the skin less), with a specific make-up remover. Makeup remover wipes are the worst option. Since they do not act effectively and irritate the skin more.

  • Get enough sleep. As the years go by, our skin takes longer to recover from external aggressions, so getting enough sleep becomes more and more important. A key factor in caring for the eye contour is therefore getting adequate sleep (8 hours minimum). Resting correctly will help you to have more relaxed eyes (and therefore less tense skin, which wrinkles more easily) and prevent the appearance of dark circles and bags, and in general to regenerate the lipid layer and oxygenate the eyes.
  • Feeding. It is important to eat foods rich in collagen such as red meat, chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables, etc. since this is one of the main nutrients of the skin, which give it the elasticity it needs to combat external aggressions. It is also recommended to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water daily as this will help eliminate toxins from the body and prevent dark circles.

Turn to professionals, essential for safety and efficacy

Global Eyecon by Mesoestetic is a treatment that requires the professionalism of experts accredited by the brand , since treating a part of the skin as delicate as the eye contour requires specific training and experience in the field of medical cosmetics, as is the case with Beauty Nail Concept.

You can book your Eyecon Mesoestetic in Barcelona here .